DIY – Crochet Deer Head Banner


Being only a beginner crocheter, I am amazed at the possibilities! At the moment, I am really only comfortable with single and double crochet stitches, but that’s all you need for this crochet banner!SAM_8268

In case it’s not very obvious, it’s a deer head with a little banner that reads “LOVELY”. I love how subtle it is, not screaming at you, can easily be ignored, yet makes a statement. A quiet statement.SAM_8273

My mum suggested adding some pom-poms, which turns out is just what it needed! Good call, mum!


As of yet, the idea was not an original one. I saw this gorgeous banner on Pinterest. The link takes you to I’d gladly buy the pattern if it was for sale, however it said the item was no longer available. In fact, no more details at all. So I looked the banner, counted the squres, drew the pattern on squared paper, and then made it myself.


I love it, something so whimsical about it.

This is what it looks like against darker background.


Last row was done around the wooden rail and then a long chain for hanging.


Final result:


Make it and love it!

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