DIY – Crochet Cacti (and a wee announcement… !)

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Cacti Etsy announcement

This past weekend we celebrated the International Women’s day!  8th of March has always been a special occasion – I love that holiday. I love it because I am definitely spoiled, with love and flowers and chocolates, not just from my husband, but also from my dad and brother and even my 10 year old nephew! I also love it because I, too, get to show appreciation for women in my life. I have a few special women, and these women got these unconventional gifts:


Yes, sure, I’ve made these before, but now they come separately!SAM_8324

What’s more, they come packaged! Not super creative, but looks more intentional!SAM_8331

With a little handwritten note, wishing Happy Women’s Day!SAM_8334

Oh, yes, and the big reveal! Since I had some orders and it would be nice to justify making all the craft, I’ve decided to open a shop on  Some of my handcraft is featured there. who knows, right! Visit it following the below link:

SAM_8334 - Copya

Now it’s “Make it and love it”, and hopefully “sell it, too!”

If you missed some of my posts, here is a chance to catch up:

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Ice cream   Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Doughnuts and cookies   Slide1


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