Toadstool Amigurumi 

This one is my personal favourite. Apart from being so cute and fairy tale like, it’s a pattern that’s entirely my own. In fact, it is so made up that every time I repeat it, it comes out different. However, that’s what I like about craft. It should always be different. We are not machines, and once a certain horizon is explored, we can see new heights to climb. If you crochet, then you know we are counting like crazy calculators, but every count is inspired. 

It still feels like a news craft, by merely switching yarn colour. So, why not brown toadstool. I think I will also try them in yellow and orange next.

As far as technique goes, if you are a fellow crocheter,  you’ll be pleased to hear that each toadstool is made in one go. Start with a magic circle of 6 st, increase either to 8 st, or 10, repeat couple rounds, increase again, repeat, till you reach 24 st. That depends on how tall and wide you want it. Then reduce to 18, 12, 6. Change to white yarn for the leg, and again, improvise. I increased 6 st to 8 to give it an extra curve. 

One of the toadstool Amigurumis lives with my best friend.

The other ones went to Christmas fair, and never came back. Maybe it’s time to replenish my stock. 

I make it, but I love who loves it. As much as I do, she hates to see them go. 


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