Playhouse to Veterinary Clinic make-over

It’s been a long time coming! Some ideas born in the head have a few months gestation period! Finally, this came out!

It all started with our volunteering youth. They were fund raising for a mission trip abroad and were looking for opportunities to serve within the local community – for donations. I was starting to think of freshening up the playhouse. The opportunities presented each other, shook hands, and got on with it. They were happy painting, I was happy they were painting. 

Unfortunately, summer came, and we left for the summer. Once we got back, I was six months (going on fifteen) pregnant by then. I needed the master helper. My mum!

In its entirety, I think mum and I have different tastes (she’s way more eccentric), but on most things, I trust her eye. So one morning, she agreed to help while I was busy at work. I left her the choice of paints, and gave her complete creative freedom. I couldn’t trust anyone else like that. The colour choice is perfect! Not too hospital, not too girlie, not too boyish – just perfect for a Pet Clinic. 

First layer done. Now for the furnishings and accessories. 

We didn’t do much painting on the outside, but the white paws really freshened it up!

Veterinary clinic downstairs and adoption centre upstairs. 

Patient patients.

Opticians department.

Record keeping (aka Big book of boo-boos) is a must.

Anxious pups…

Pets looking for their humans.

Ikea dog bum hangers fit perfectly with our theme.

Now, hours of bureaucracy keep out Vet intern occupied. 

Make it and love it!


DIY – Play Shop


This is perhaps the best value for money craft for me yet! Would you believe me if I told you I bought only one plank of wood for this whole project? That’s not to say that all it took was one plank of wood. I used pretty much all of the left-over junk that I kept “just in case”! This post is for all hoarders out there! Eventually, that old shelf, some coffee table legs and odd pieces of wood that are just too good to be binned, become something else, entirely fabulous in its own right.

DIY play shop1

This is my take on the Play Shop (aka Pretend store). Check out the pieces that found second life in this little number.SAM_6426

The top panel going across is a bit of an Ikea changing table. Two black brackets are from a shelf that has been re-purposed. There is a white shelf that is really old and just not good enough for indoor use. Two bits of wood used for the slanted shelves are actually chest of drawers front panels. Legs are made from some part of old garden furniture. I kept it all and used it all!


Design and construction are not the most “out-there” creations, however, I think the pieces I had have been utilised to the mostest!

The end result made a couple little ones super happy!


This little shop boasts wide range of products – from cake to veggiest to dairy to canned foods.


These really cool hooks with round picture frames display some of our favourite chocolate wrappers.


Cute little basket replaces shopping basket…


Little hands aligning little carrots, free pattern and tutorial for which are found here:


The top panel was painted with a black chalk board paint. I love chalk board paint!


Some crates and weighing scales for decoration, and – let the kids out!


Make it and love it!

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DIY – Easter Bunny Wreath Kids’ Craft



A half hour craft to do with your little ones this Easter.

You really don’t need much – just some old cardboard (who does not keep those just in case, you never know), shades of green or pastel paper cut into leaf shapes and some paper glue. I cheated a little and used glue gun to attach ribbons, but some superglue or ever tape would do the trick. And anything else you would like to adorn it with, like ribbon or beads or some fluffy pompons!


I made one to try it out, and it came out all too neat, and instead of random and improvised, it looked too planned, almost calculated.


That’s why I love my kids’ version!


Love what they make!