Playhouse to Veterinary Clinic make-over

It’s been a long time coming! Some ideas born in the head have a few months gestation period! Finally, this came out!

It all started with our volunteering youth. They were fund raising for a mission trip abroad and were looking for opportunities to serve within the local community – for donations. I was starting to think of freshening up the playhouse. The opportunities presented each other, shook hands, and got on with it. They were happy painting, I was happy they were painting. 

Unfortunately, summer came, and we left for the summer. Once we got back, I was six months (going on fifteen) pregnant by then. I needed the master helper. My mum!

In its entirety, I think mum and I have different tastes (she’s way more eccentric), but on most things, I trust her eye. So one morning, she agreed to help while I was busy at work. I left her the choice of paints, and gave her complete creative freedom. I couldn’t trust anyone else like that. The colour choice is perfect! Not too hospital, not too girlie, not too boyish – just perfect for a Pet Clinic. 

First layer done. Now for the furnishings and accessories. 

We didn’t do much painting on the outside, but the white paws really freshened it up!

Veterinary clinic downstairs and adoption centre upstairs. 

Patient patients.

Opticians department.

Record keeping (aka Big book of boo-boos) is a must.

Anxious pups…

Pets looking for their humans.

Ikea dog bum hangers fit perfectly with our theme.

Now, hours of bureaucracy keep out Vet intern occupied. 

Make it and love it!


Crochet pony

DIY - Crochet pony

Little girls and ponies, eh? Actually, it’s little girls and ponies, unicorns, mermaids, crowns, princesses, pets and so on. Let’s just say my little girl loves anything and everything, so you could not have gone wrong with a pony. Lucky for me I stumbled across an amazing site, with loads of free amigurumi crochets! has quite a number of excellent exciting free patterns, which I am still to try! When my wee one saw it, she wanted it just like it was in the picture. In fact, as she was going to bed, I proposed that I make the mane a different colour, perhaps her favourite purple. She wanted it just as she saw it. She even told me she saw red yarn in my yarn collection, and that’s the red she wanted. 11903377_10153021562661120_1914908819_n

The little thing turned out great! It can sit as well as stand!

11855435_10153021562646120_1749456772_n 11911195_10153021569036120_98279731_n

It’s a very cute size, too. With adorable little eyelashes! Needless to say Lex loved it when she found it waiting for her in the living room!

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DIY – Flower Wreath

Blog thumbnail - DIY Flower wreath

It’s hard to believe that until recently I have still been crocheting. Usually, I attempt different techniques, trying all media; tinker, tweak, etc. In the past, crochet was a phase, or a winter hobby at most, but this time it stuck. On several occasions I have even been introduced as the lady that crochets! I have had some orders, too, which is exciting!  However, I have been getting a little nostalgic over missed opportunities.

This morning, while shopping at Jumbo, I saw these pretty pink paper flowers, for less that a euro for 15 or so per packet. Taking two packets was a good call, without knowing what I needed then for, I sort of figured I needed them.


My daughter is delighted with anything pink, even more so if its pink flowers, and ever more so if it’s pink flower hair accessory.



My son got a dinosaur!


I love making flowers in the spring. I realise now that my crafts are very season oriented. Here is another sneak peak at some of the flowers I made recently, hopefully with tutorials to follow!


It’s been a while, but glad to have something to share.

Make it and love it!

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DIY – Crochet Ice Cream

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Ice cream

Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe how appetizing these little crochet Ice creams look! I made them quite a while ago, but my daughter still sleeps with them and my son still licks them!


This was such a fun project! I guess crochet is lingering a bit! Of all the crochet food I made, this is our favourite! They are easy to make, easy to replicate (unlike the Bear Rug, which does not follow a pattern), and easy to love!


And yet you can still add enough variety to each one, which still makes me feel like I am still expressing creativity, even mass producing!


The pattern is too simple to write, but there are plenty very cheap patterns for sale on Etsy, so I won’t write one here (keep them in business!)


I was flattered to my core when local charity shop asked if they could display some of my items, either as an exhibition or for sale. So all of the Ice Creams in the above photo are available for sale. Hopefully, as my Etsy shop takes off, I will put some there, too!

SAM_8222Make it and love it!

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DIY – Crochet Bear Rug

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Bear Rug

And so, adding one more crochet “trophy”, or rather “taxidermy” to my collection! A Bear Skin Rug – don’t worry, no animals were injured!


I had to make it with eyes closed… Staring is rude! Especially from your skin…SAM_8217

If you are good at counting crochet stitches and creating patterns, this below shot (shot, ha ha) is for you! I didn’s use an existing pattern for this, but just went along with it. If you are looking to recreate it, I think it is possible to figure it out by looking at the pattern. Have fun!SAM_8220

What better place to lay a Bear Rug than in front of your fireplace! Or rather, your dollhouse fireplace.



And one more.

Yep, make it and love it!

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DIY – Crochet Collar

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Collar

Although craft has always been part of my life, it has always involved doing something creative for something or someone else. In school it was either part of a curriculum or extra-curricular activity.  I remember doing logo for our puppet theatre in school, or being the editor of our college newsletter, or decorating friends’ parties – it was never really just for me. It was always more reactive that proactive. Something needed to be done, let’s get Olga to do it. And while I love getting involved in things like this, it was always directed by someone other than me.

Then one day, I went to a shop, bought myself some yarn and crochet hooks, and learned how to crochet. This was purely for me. No other reason than just me, acquiring a new skill. Whatever I would do with that skill was irrelevant. Crochet was a medium for expressing creativity and I wanted to create, so I taught myself how to crochet.

Today, I am super glad it is something I know how to do, because Cyprus weather has been rather nasty, and crochet proved to be an excellent antidote to bad weather! It is easy, quick and you can pause at any moment (whether that’s pausing your life, or pausing crochet, I don’t know)!

Beginner crochet level + rainy weather = this pretty crochet collar for my daughter!


It only took me one evening while watching “Come, Dine with me” with my hubby. There is a wonderful tutorial here, do check it out, it is one of the best! I am definitely keeping it bookmarked! The author of the tutorial takes you stitch by stitch through the making of the collar, the petals and these adorable little flowers.


The front:SAM_8053

The back:


How dreamy is that?


To my usual “Make it and love it!” I have to add – I made it, but it is my little girl that absolutely loved it!

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DIY – Giant Growth Chart

Blog thumbnail - DIY Giant Growth Chart

Rental, sweet rental!  Since our wedding in 2007, my husband and I have moved in and out of 5 rented accommodations. Moving in, each time, we would think this is for a long time, but as it happens, 5 houses in 7 years.

Decorating rented accommodation is rather daunting. Whenever we painted walls, we would have to repaint. If we made a shed or a fence, we would have to leave it behind. I think now I am learning, that whatever you make, however you decorate, it has to be mobile or removable.  That’s why this is such a great post for all the folk out there renting! Kid’s heights have to be measured, and you can’t really take a door post with you every time you move.


It was very easy to make. Boards this size are sold at any DIY store. This one cost me 7 euro.


The board was stained. I sort of carved in some measurements and stenciled numbers with tippex. Tippex covered better than white paint, dried very quickly and had a very nice uneven texture to it.


We use metric system in Cyprus, so naturally I used metres. Start with 50cm and go up to 1.6m. Parhaps my children will grow taller than that… I will have to make an extension. Look out for that post in a few years.


An easy and quick craft that has been and will be part of our family’s history.

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