DIY – Yarn letters


Some french words are easier than others. I am glad I came across one that was easy enough to make out of yarn and had such a sweet translation – baby!

It was so easy to make, I think words will be wasted if I try to explain what to do, but a single picture will explain everything, and I am sure give you more DIY ideas.



It’s a little less glamorous at the back, but, if Ikea can do it, so can I!


Yarn just makes everything look warm and cosy! Like sheep!


I have one of those walls where a lot of my projects end up…



However, after my photo-shoot was finished, my sweet yarn letters were used else-where (more on that later):


Make it and love it!

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5 DIY Party Decorations

Blog thumbnail - DIY party 6
I had a wonderful opportunity to throw a birthday party on practically zero budget! Yes, I said opportunity, not challenge.  I love opportunities like this, push creativity and have a good excuse to browse Pinterest for hours.

Here are 5 wonderful DIY ideas chosen for this party. These particular decorations complement each other very well in more ways than one. First of all, there are two shades of purple, which is not too monotonous yet works together very well.  The economies of scale is another reason for making all of these together, as you make all decoration from the same materials. So, without further ado:

Blog thumbnail - DIY party4With as little as 5 euro, you can make 5 gorgeous party decorations:

1. Cupcake stand


This particular piece cost me nothing. A kitchen roll (free!) and two circles cut out from cardboard (free!) fastened together with some masking tape and painted over with white paint. I used acrilyc, cause I had acrylic, but gouache would work just as well. I had some tule left over, so I glue-gunned that, but alternatively, doilies or paper or tape could have been used as a trim.

The idea came from this photo on pinterest, however the link is no longer available.


2. Bunting

Girly purple party8Ok, no need for tutorial here, it’s that easy, however I will insert a printout of how to fit 4 flags on one page. Basically, to figure this out, divide the longest side by 5, mark out those lengths on top and bottom edges and join diagonally.

I used white and purple A4 sheets of cardboard paper.



3. Pinata

For this project you will need crepe paper (or tissue paper), cardboard box, scissors and tape.

Girly purple party4

An excellent tutorial is found here.


4. Paper Stars

Girly purple party5The center piece of our table was unfortunately a grey umbrella. To hide it, I wrapped it in pink tulle and scattered some pretty white and purple stars. To make these you just need to cut out hexagons from paper and fold away. That easy! Alternatively to hexagons, you can cut out star’s of David and fold them the same way. I have designed a print-out for you so you don’t have to:


And last but not least,

5. Giant paper flowers
Girly purple party6The tutorial on pinterest is excellent, but the link is lost. Here is the photo Tuto using only some tissue paper and string:


Four packets of crepe paper, some string and white and purple cardboard cost me  less that 5 euro! Hope this will help you planning your party and not worry about the budget!

SAM_6803Make it and love it!

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DIY – 4 Easy Christmas Ornaments


Of course, these trending Pins were going to creep up onto our Christmas trees. This year they have sojourned everywhere – onto leggings, quilts, wall art, kids’ rooms, bracelets, etc. Just so happened, Christmas came, and the “trend” was all over it.


If you were on the moon, and missed the trends, here is the review:
Ornament 1: Bunting.

This particular “Bunting-gone-Christmas-Tree-Ornament” is simply some felt cut into triangle shapes and threaded together. Super easy, super cute!


Cut a strip of felt into triangles and thread through with white thread.

SAM_5834   SAM_5858

Ornament 2: Himmeli

Himmeli is big this Christmas. Must be because of the strong geometrical trend.

There are so many brilliant tutorials out there. Google any one of them and you won’t regret it. However, I haven’t come across even one that would give you this hint: use cotton buds! Other tutorials suggest using straws, cocktail sticks, actual straw, etc, however cotton buds are the cheapest, sturdiest, most durable and white. Don’t buy Johnson’s brand though, as their sticks are compressed paper and not plastic tube that you need.


Cut of the tips and use the tubes. With so many tutorials out there, I am afraid to infringe someone’s copyright, so my advice – google it. Cheeky me!


Ornament 3: Cotton bud garland

What to do with all those cotton bud tips we’ve cut of for the above ornament? Thread them into a cute garland!


Alternate with some beads every now and then, and you are set!




Ornament 4: Pompoms


Twist some yearn around a fork, tie and knot tightly around the center, cut the loops and fluff it up!


You could trim them some more and even machine wash them in the delicates bag to make them more even, but I like a more handmade look to my pompoms.


This is it! Decorate away!


Make it and love it!

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DIY Party Decoration – Wall Frames

Sometimes, the cheapest idea is the best idea. This little party decor was fast and easy and cheap. All you need is an A4 or A3 size colour paper and cut away! Stick the frame to your wall with some white tack or double sided tape – and ta-da – bring on the party!


Here are my patterns, you are welcome to use them! All you really need is a quarter of the frame, and then flip-and-flap them around to complete the whole frame.


For one party we were extra bit adventurous and put in some prints in them. : ) Looked great as a backdrop.


But even without a photograph, these simple frames look great.


If you are wondering why there is a TP roll on the table, let me explain – it is part of my party craft. You can find out what I did with that here.

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Happy partying!

DIY – Crepe Paper (or Napkin!) Garland

I am preparing for my niece’s 6th Birthday party and decided to share one of the DIY decorations. Super easy, super cheap!

Step 1: Draw a circle on folded crepe paper, or napkin and cut it out.

Girly party1

Step 2: Sew four or five layers of circles onto a ribbon or tulle strips.

Girly party2

Step 3: Crunch the circles and separate the petals to make them fluffy.

Girly party3

Step 4: Love it!

Girly party4