DIY – Little girl dress

DIY - Little girl dress Craft takes on a whole new dimension when you get to make something that is actually useful. It is especially gratifying when you can tell your spouse that in fact you saved money by making this dress.


This is a beautiful frilly dress, with butterfly sleeves, just below the knee, with a bunny rabbit applique. Though it is not an original pattern (the pattern is from Burda), I love how customizable it is. You can pick your own fabric, your own ribbons, underskirt, and even make your own applique!


Lexie said she wanted a Blue Ribbon Bunny applique (from Sofia the first, but in order to avoid infringing on some copyright laws, we improvised). I have a previous post that shows a very simple step by step tutorial how to make appliques using sewing machine. You can find the tutorial here.


The front of the dress is so simple, yet delicate. Reminds me of the Russian uniform we used to wear during Soviet times (I am that old! Sounds like a different lifetime altogether!)


Really grateful for the buttonhole function on my sewing machine!


My little girlie girl was very excited! What girl would say no to a pretty frock!


Here is a close up of the Blue Ribbon Bunny.

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DIY – Frida Kahlo inspired headband

Blog thumbnail - DIY Frida Kahlo Headband

Every project leaves behind some material, be that ribbon, tulle, fabric or beads. I do keep them, in case a project comes up and will need that particular left-over. A while back I helped decorate friend’s birthday party, and had loads of orange ribbon left, and some tulle flowers left over from a Christening that I also helped decorate a while back (more on that in another post). For a while I’ve been thinking what to do with all those left-overs, but I knew it was going to work when I remembered Frida Kahlo’s headbands! Quick Google search – and the idea was formed and I knew it was going to work.

I love it when it all comes together like this! I love the result – if I ever find a moment when my daughter (or son) is not wearing it, it will be on my head for sure!


Here is what I needed. Some hot pink tulle flowers and pink ribbon flowers are from previous projects. The orange ribbon flowers were made using Pinterest tutorials (I will post those later). Some fake leaves and beads are also helpful.


These are the three types of flowers I used. Click here to see my previous post for tutorials.

frida kahl headband3

There was also a lonely headband that was needing some TLC. Wearing an orange ribbon wrap is its new identity. Glue gun helped me here.

frida kahl headband1

Then it was just the matter of laying out the flowers and glue-gun them in place. It came together so nicely, and I didn’t spend a penny on this!

frida kahl headband2

Make it and love it!

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Tulle and Ribbon Flowers

Blog thumbnail - DIY Flowers

Ever wondered what to make with left over ribbon and tulle? Here is a therapeutic tutorial – and I say therapeutic, because who does not like a quick craft that produces a pretty flower that can be used on a hairband, or pinned to a cushion, or even a card? Very therapeutic indeed!

I have two favourite designs.

This one is super easy to make. I used circle cut outs of tissue paper and tulle, which might prove to be a tricky part – I was fortunate enough to have two colours that matched nicely. White tissue paper and white tulle would be easy to match, too.  The wonderful thing is that you can make this flower varying sizes, depending on the template size. Once you have your circles, layer then anyway you like, in my case more tissue layers towards the bottom of the flower, more tulle towards the top. All in all, about 10 pieces of each material. Sew through the centre, crinkle it up a bit, throw in a purl or two, and it is done!
faux flowers

The other design is just as beautiful! All you need for this is a ribbon, about 25 cm long. The flower size depends on the width of the ribbon. The one thing you have to consider is to use double sided ribbon. I found some ribbons have a shiny side and a matte side. You might want to avoid that. Fold as shown below, either into a square or a pentagon. A square will produce a flower with four petals, while a pentagon will produce a flower with five petals. Stitch through the outter hem, pull the thread, and you have a flower. I used one flower inside the other for a fluffier flower.

faux flowers1

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Make it and love it!


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DIY Fabric Dollhouse

Blog thumbnail - DIY Fabric Dollhouse

My dollhouse obsession continues! I don’t know what it is about tiny little houses, but I am absolutely crazy about them! I wonder if there is a name for this crazy obsession. Dollhouse-itis.. Dollhouse-a-mania? SAM_6706

I think my favourite part of creating a little house is to see little hands play with it. This is a picture of my wee son, investgating. He’s too cute!


The little fabric house is actually sewn for my cute niece, who just turned 2! I am really hoping she will love it.

There is a perfect little tutorial with pictures right here. Make sure you visit it, it’s great!

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DIY – Puppet Theatre

Blog thumbnail - DIY Puppet Theatre

Last week, when I was building the Play Shop (check it out here), I thought it would be great if it could double as a Puppet Theatre. This week I found some beautiful red fabric for the curtains and some old table runners that contributed wonderfully towards my idea! All I had to do was sew a couple seams and throw it all together! To transform the Play Shop into a Puppet Theatre, all I have to do is change the chalk writing and add the red curtain! Did you get your tickets yet?
puppet theatre1

Who knew an old table runner (which by the way has beautiful Iranian hand embroidery, but is really worn) would fit so perfectly? I did not have to alter its length or width!

puppet theatre

So here is to turning junk to convertible Play Shop – Puppet Theatre!  Make it love it!

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DIY – Lalaloopsy Bedding

Blog thumbnail - DIY Lalaloopsy Bedding

I love fabric leftovers! I love weighing up all their posibilities, maximising their potential, watching it reborn.

This bedding was so simple to make, yet so cute! Throw together some lace, ribbon, heart shaped buttons and some floral and polka dot fabric – and, voila!, you get some gorgeous bedding for your dolly!


One long decorative pillow…


One heart-shaped decorative pillow…


I’ve added on some light green felt hearts, using the same technique as described in my tutorial here. Super easy!


Make it and love it!

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DIY – Fabric Veggies

Blog thumbnail - DIY Fabric Vegetables

Fabric Veggies – such a clever toy! My kids love playing picnic and house and grocery shop with these fabric veggies. I won’t say it’s a quick and easy craft, but I think it is well worth it. Plus, they are sturdy and machine washable, should last for a while. Here is my take on DIY fabric vegetables.

Step 1: Using this template printed on A4, cut out the necessary pieces. For a tomato use 5 cut outs. Pin two pieces together, right sides facing.

fabric veggies5

Step 2: Sew the two together. Make sure to use back stitching to make sure seams don’t come apart at the edges. Turn them inside out.

fabric veggies6

Step 3: Pin another piece to one of the original pieces, right side together.  Continue until all five pieces are sewn together. Sew together the first and the last pieces, leaving a 4-5cm gap for filling. Turn right side out.

fabric veggies7

Step 4: Fill the shape with polyfill. You will need about a kilo for all toys.  Using a thread and needle, sew up the gap used for filling.

fabric veggies9

Step 5: At the point, for purposes of specialisation, I’ve completed all work that needed to be done on the sewing machine.

Here are all the parts needed for the veggies:


Step 6: Decorate the veggies. Using embroidery floss, go over all the seams on round shapes and around the leaves.

fabric veggies10


fabric veggies3


fabric veggies2


fabric veggies1


fabric veggies

Step 7: Give them to your kid.


Make it and love it!

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