Tights and varnishes


Yet another old trick that I grew up with, but I am learning that the new generation is not too familiar with! Growing up, every girl I knew carried a bottle of clear nail varnish in her purse. Whether that was to touch up her manicure or stop a run in her tights, it is what we did. I consider it noble to share my refined knowledge.


Extending Tights’ Life Expectancy


For me, a pair of tights is definitely a wardrobe necessity, but one I dread most. I would go through at least 10 pairs a season, and that really adds up. However, lucky for me, a simple secret has been shared with me, revealing how to extend the tights’ life expectancy.  And now, lucky for you, I am sharing the secret with you.

I’ve even drawn up a simple diagram. I hope its simple anyway.

Basically, what you do is start by buying two identical pairs. That’s an easy one as in Cyprus we often have 1+1 offers. Then the inevitable happens – you get a hole and a run in one leg.  Simply cut that side off just above a thigh. Lay it aside till later. When the same unfortunate event happens to the other pair of tights, do the same, by cutting a side off. When you have two halves, simply wear one over the other. Don’t worry if the run happens on the same side of both pairs – usually tights don’t have a front or a back, so the legs can be alternated.

And so, this is a “third” pair, paying for only 0ne!

Food vectors

Who doesn’t like a good cake?

I went thorough a period in my life when most of my vector designs focused on food… I must have still been pregnant.


A wedding cake, anyone?


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

ice cream flavours

Forbidden doughnut!


The below vector of wine and cheese is a rather special one for me – my first vector, where I used brush tool pretty much for all of it. As I was learning about vector drawing, I had to stop thinking of it in terms of paper and paint brush, and approach it in a more systematic way. I did learn how to group properly, and the correct order of layers.

Cheese and wine

I then learned the value of icons (and stickers) and designed this BBQ icon set – a rather popular set in my portfolio.

BBQ set

I have since designed other food related icon sets:


Having a go at isometric style icons:

food icons6The more I kept at it, the more my personal style was showing through. It was a great learning experience, I am still hoping to get back to vectors one day.
Collection of fruit in a fruit vasePlum for you?

Summer Vectors

Summer is such a beautiful time of year! I am sure we are all very busy!

A few years ago while my husband was doing a two-month course in New York and I was pregnant with my first baby, I had a few hours to spare to play around with Illustrator and draw up some vectors.

Obviously, summer and pregnant bellies were the theme.

1. 4th of July

4th of july
2. Beach essentials
summer 3. Yummy picnicpicnic

4. Fishing Hunting season 17

5. Preggie eating (that’s all I did that summer!)pregnant lady at a table (amended proportions) 2

6. Preggie reading. I did a lot of this, too.pregnant lady reading a book picasa

7. Preggie at the beach. That, too.pregnant lady on the beach picasa

8. Bikinis. Three bikinis

To see my full portfolio, check it out  here.

Sweeping Betty Vector

Sweeping Betty

One of my first vectors used in a business

Family is great! No matter how much of a beginner you are (which I am), they are your first fun club members, first blog followers and definitely first customers. This is one of my first vectors that my family in Scotland have used (actually used!) as their business logo. There is definitely room for improvement, but family is great, and encouraging, and I am pretty sure willing to set aside their preferences and taste just to support me in my little endeavors. They deserve a party!


That fuzzy feeling, seeing your work displayed!