Watercolour – an old nemesis or a new friend?!

The new year brings with it a new obsession. Though I’ve been toying with watercolour paints for quite some time now, and several times in my lifetime, however this time I am obsessed with it! And as with any obsession, it can be crazy! I have always loved watercolours, but this time we are having a real battle – I want to win! And make it mine!


One weird morning, I pulled out my old watercolour set and had a desperate urge to paint something.To my surprise, it actually came out the way I saw it in my head. Let’s say I was pleased with it!


However, the piece after that, and the piece after that just seemed so dry, and mechanical and strained, making me want to snap my brushes and never touch them again.


This is when I feel watercolours and I are through.


But then again, a little breather, and we are back on talking terms. I lower my expectation and resolve that practice is better than no practice.


And so my journey begins. And really, this is just my journey of practice. Lots of practice. So much practice that some of my doodles have been given to friends and some I’ve even put up for sale in my beloved second-hand RightHere and some on Etsy.


So if you, like me, find yourself on a sort of journey where somedays you think you found your calling and some days you think you are wasting your life, check out my adventures on instagram as olga_mcdalova_watercolours! Maybe it will help you pursue your passion?

Make it and love it (or hate it)! It’s all good!