Home Decor

Making things for my home is definitely my favourite time spending activity. Renovating, reinventing, recycling and upcycling – my love.

Pompom Chandelier


Pink Dresser

Blog thumbnail - DIY Pink desk

Yarn Letters


Coffee Table

Coffee table

Multi-purpose Nook

Multipurpose nook

Cross-stitch Pug



abc art

Boy’s Room

Charlie's room1

Geometrical Quilt

Blog thumbnail - Geometrical quilt

Roman Blinds

Blog thumbnail - Tutorial Roman Blinds

Chevron Quilt

Blog thumbnail - Chevron Baby Quilt

Dip-painting with Chalkboard Paint

Blog thumbnail - DIT Chalk Board Paint

Embroided Hand Print

Blog thumbnail - DIY Diaper Bag

Keepsake Shelves

Blog thumbnail - DIY Keepsake Shelves

Superman Cushion

Blog thumbnail - Superman Decorative Cushion

Cottage Cushion

Blog thumbnail - Cottage Cushion

Painted Picture Frame

Blog thumbnails - painted picture frame

Utility Room Make-over


Bedside Table



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