Play House and Pretend Play

Pretend play is great! I love to see my kids engage in all sorts of pretend play, from my son crawling around like a little cat licking his little paws to my daughter delivering pretend post from pretend people. Hopefully you will find something to inspire you to create.

Puppet Theatre

Blog thumbnail - DIY Puppet Theatre


Play Shop


Lalaloopsy Bedding

Blog thumbnail - DIY Lalaloopsy Bedding

Fabric Veggies

Blog thumbnail - DIY Fabric Vegetables

Superhero Mask & Cape

Blog thumbnail - DIY Superhero cape and mask

Quilted Animal Rug

Blog thumbnail - quilted animal rug

Dress-up Nurse Apron

Blog thumbnail - Dress up nurse apron

Kid’s Table – Ikea Hack

Blog thumbnail - Ikea HAck

Fabric Envelope

Blog thumbnail - Fabric Envelopes

Floor Cushion

Blog thumbnail - Floor Cushion

My Kids’ Playhouse

Blog thumbnail - My kids play house

Paper Cup Princess Crown

Blog thumbnails - paper cup crown


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