DIY – Wooden Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree alternative is so cute, of course I had to try it! You will find it all over Pinterest. My favourite ones are the ones from pallets, but as I didn’t have pallets, new planks had to do.


There are so many ways to go about making one of these, but as always I make it the way it makes sense to me.
My way was to use my kitches floor tiles as my grid. It was easy to mark out some hypotenuses and use those for the Christmas tree shape.


All the pieces of wood were cut different lengths, according to my marked template. I used another piece of wood inserted between the planks to make even spaced gaps. Never need a ruler when you don’t need a universal standard measurement. It’s all relative.  Mine are Olgametres (“obtaining an object in close proximity that can be used as a measure without universally accepted graduations to identify a certain length used for that single purpose only and disregarded henceforth”). What are yours?


When the tree was cut, some pieces got moved by mistake slightly further apart, but I realised that I liked it like that more. It looked taller and slimmer like that.


Once assembled, sanded and painted, it went up on the wall, just above our churches’ coffee counter.


Here is the decoration odessey. I say odessey, as this took a while, but only because I got to decorate it with some students, and all the ornaments were handcrafted!  More on that later!


And, as always, ~ Make it and love it!


Wire Christmas Star Ornament

With Christmas season in full swing, I come across so many fun DIY pins, it’s impossible not to attempt some myself. I found a wonderful idea of wire Christmas ornaments, and all you need is a wire!


My first one I tried was with silver wire I had left over from previous projects.


It is so simple! Draw a little star on a wooden plank, hammer in a nail at each vertex and wrap away! Then secure in the intersections and fasten off! I did have to pull the nails out to release the star.

I then tried to spray paint it gold.


I liked how it looked, but then I bought some gold wire and liked how that came out, too.


Too cute!!! Make it and love it!


This is where most of them ended up, more on this later! One exciting post coming up!

DIY – Crochet Bear Rug

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Bear Rug

And so, adding one more crochet “trophy”, or rather “taxidermy” to my collection! A Bear Skin Rug – don’t worry, no animals were injured!


I had to make it with eyes closed… Staring is rude! Especially from your skin…SAM_8217

If you are good at counting crochet stitches and creating patterns, this below shot (shot, ha ha) is for you! I didn’s use an existing pattern for this, but just went along with it. If you are looking to recreate it, I think it is possible to figure it out by looking at the pattern. Have fun!SAM_8220

What better place to lay a Bear Rug than in front of your fireplace! Or rather, your dollhouse fireplace.



And one more.

Yep, make it and love it!

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DIY – Crochet Collar

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Collar

Although craft has always been part of my life, it has always involved doing something creative for something or someone else. In school it was either part of a curriculum or extra-curricular activity.  I remember doing logo for our puppet theatre in school, or being the editor of our college newsletter, or decorating friends’ parties – it was never really just for me. It was always more reactive that proactive. Something needed to be done, let’s get Olga to do it. And while I love getting involved in things like this, it was always directed by someone other than me.

Then one day, I went to a shop, bought myself some yarn and crochet hooks, and learned how to crochet. This was purely for me. No other reason than just me, acquiring a new skill. Whatever I would do with that skill was irrelevant. Crochet was a medium for expressing creativity and I wanted to create, so I taught myself how to crochet.

Today, I am super glad it is something I know how to do, because Cyprus weather has been rather nasty, and crochet proved to be an excellent antidote to bad weather! It is easy, quick and you can pause at any moment (whether that’s pausing your life, or pausing crochet, I don’t know)!

Beginner crochet level + rainy weather = this pretty crochet collar for my daughter!


It only took me one evening while watching “Come, Dine with me” with my hubby. There is a wonderful tutorial here, do check it out, it is one of the best! I am definitely keeping it bookmarked! The author of the tutorial takes you stitch by stitch through the making of the collar, the petals and these adorable little flowers.


The front:SAM_8053

The back:


How dreamy is that?


To my usual “Make it and love it!” I have to add – I made it, but it is my little girl that absolutely loved it!

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DIY – Crochet Succulent Garden

Blog thumbnail - DIY Chrochet Succelent GardenThe other day I went to Fasouliotis (the local shop where I buy my supplies) and I could hardly fit through the yarn isle. Not so much because of all those lovely Christmas kilos, but because there were so many other ladies panting for some wool! And its not surprising – its cold and rainy outside, warm and cosy inside – perfect setting for some knitting and crocheting. This is what I came up with!


And it could not be easier! If your are new to crochet, this is a really easy first time craft to try. It is impossible to mess up as there is no right or wrong way to do it, and it looks great, too!SAM_8020

I am not as proficient in crochet as I would like to be, but I know how to chain, make single and double stitches and increases and decreases.  I found simple instructions here, which gives you the real basic free pattern for a round cactus. Sure, its in Danish, but it has numbers and really, that’s all you need! You quickly learn how to make perfect round cacti or longer ones. There are plenty of other tutorials online, so I wont burden you with my interpretation of them. You just have to play around, that’s all!


After playing with different colours and shapes, I had enough to work on an arrangement.


Oh, and then there are flowers. The instructions are on the same site as the pattern for cactus.


It just so happened that I had a lot of different green and pink yarn, so I could actually make a good colour variety for my succulents.


I had five different green colours, three pink and one white. I also needed some dark brown to make a long base for my succulent garden.


Saw it on and its ready!

I love it that it’s something my kiddos can play with and I don’t need to water it!


The end result:10922247_10152562271546120_1152704685_nMake it and love it!

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Dollhouse Decor – 2nd layer

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse decor 2

Continuing the interior decor of the dollhouse, in this post you will find out how to furnish 4 rooms using a garden fence (I think it’s a fence, it could be something else…) bought for 4 euro! Here is the revered relic:


Here is my favourite one.  Not an absolute necessity, but makes any dollhouse so much comfier!  A few pieces cut to size create a cute little fireplace.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse fireplaceSome of the planks from the garden fence were cut up and used for making table and chairs. Admittedly I used some square rods for legs, but the top part of the table was made by gluing those very planks.  The only primer I had was white, so consequently it was painted white.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse table and chairs

More furniture created from the garden fence. Main bed and built-in bunk-bed are adorable!

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse beds

The kids’ room has a bunk-bed, a swing, and a mood wall.


Ok, this wasn’t made from the wooden garden fence, but who doesn’t have some cardboard lying around? Oh, and you will need a glue gun and some material.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse sofa

Some Popsicle sticks came in handy for these cute dollhouse frames.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse frames

I wish I knew how to make kitchen and bathroom furniture to complete the house, however, for now, they might have to be bought.


Here is the completed house ready to be handed over tomorrow to the customer.


So, made it and fell in love with it. I will miss you, my little dollhouse!

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6 Awesome Dollhouse DIYs

Blog thumbnail - DIY 6 dollhouse crafts

Tinkering with dollhouse again? What?! Yep, it’s true! I have managed to put together a beautiful sitting room of wonderfully eclectic style pieces – pretty much all handmade from materials that anyone could easily find around their house. I love making something out of nothing and this is one of my ultimate creations! This is what the room looks like:


With every DIY, you will find a quick picture instruction or a link to where a coherent tutorial might be found. With these simple 6 Dollhouse DIYs, you will pretty much complete one whole room! Enjoy!

1. Popsicle stick frame

Blog thumbnail - DIY Popsickle stick frame2

You will need 4 Popsicle sticks, a tiny picture that you are wishing to frame, some cardboard and a glue-gun! Then follow the following steps:

doll furniture

2. Wingback Chair

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse wingack

I’ve already posted this tutorial previously, but as it is now part of this special room, it seems fitting to mention it again. You will need some cardboard, scrap material, glue-gun and some trimming, i.e. string.

Doll chair4

3. Crochet Rug

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse crochet rug

This is a beautiful touch to any dollhouse room! A super easy wonderful tutorial is found here, however when I did mine, I kind of just went with it, and it came out. Follow your instinct!

4. Curtains

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse curtains2

These curtains were very simple. I had some Ikea curtain material left over. That was cut to size, draped over a BBQ stick, held with beads and glue-gunned to the wall.

5. Lamp

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse lamp2This was a bit of an interesting treasure-hunt. I found all these caps and lids from eye drops and toothpaste, and a party horn. Put those together, and you get a contemporary lamp!

doll furniture2

6. Footstool/Ottoman

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse footstool2
This started with World Cup and loads of Pizza… I had all those three legged tables that come with pizza. They had to be used somehow, and this is how. Take six of them and *puff* make an ottoman!


Your turn to make it and love it!

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