DIY – Wooden Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree alternative is so cute, of course I had to try it! You will find it all over Pinterest. My favourite ones are the ones from pallets, but as I didn’t have pallets, new planks had to do.


There are so many ways to go about making one of these, but as always I make it the way it makes sense to me.
My way was to use my kitches floor tiles as my grid. It was easy to mark out some hypotenuses and use those for the Christmas tree shape.


All the pieces of wood were cut different lengths, according to my marked template. I used another piece of wood inserted between the planks to make even spaced gaps. Never need a ruler when you don’t need a universal standard measurement. It’s all relative.  Mine are Olgametres (“obtaining an object in close proximity that can be used as a measure without universally accepted graduations to identify a certain length used for that single purpose only and disregarded henceforth”). What are yours?


When the tree was cut, some pieces got moved by mistake slightly further apart, but I realised that I liked it like that more. It looked taller and slimmer like that.


Once assembled, sanded and painted, it went up on the wall, just above our churches’ coffee counter.


Here is the decoration odessey. I say odessey, as this took a while, but only because I got to decorate it with some students, and all the ornaments were handcrafted!  More on that later!


And, as always, ~ Make it and love it!


Wire Christmas Star Ornament

With Christmas season in full swing, I come across so many fun DIY pins, it’s impossible not to attempt some myself. I found a wonderful idea of wire Christmas ornaments, and all you need is a wire!


My first one I tried was with silver wire I had left over from previous projects.


It is so simple! Draw a little star on a wooden plank, hammer in a nail at each vertex and wrap away! Then secure in the intersections and fasten off! I did have to pull the nails out to release the star.

I then tried to spray paint it gold.


I liked how it looked, but then I bought some gold wire and liked how that came out, too.


Too cute!!! Make it and love it!


This is where most of them ended up, more on this later! One exciting post coming up!

DIY – Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

As Christmas fever is starting to rise, and especially us craftsters, we have to start early, I thought it’s time to start thinking about it too.  As I browsed through my craft files, I have come across some Christmas crafts that I have done some years ago. And then, as it happens, I saw the picture pinned onto Pinterest of the pattern I used for my craft.  Once again, serendipity, so I thought must be too good not to share.

So here are a couple photos of the tiny knitted Mini Christmas Stockings.  I think they were meant to be Christmas Tree decorations, but I had a fox freezing it’s socks off, so my mini stockings became Christmas Fox decorations.


I have only ever made two, and different patterns, not sure why, but you will find many more (FREE!) patterns here.


Make it and love it!

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