Wire Christmas Star Ornament

With Christmas season in full swing, I come across so many fun DIY pins, it’s impossible not to attempt some myself. I found a wonderful idea of wire Christmas ornaments, and all you need is a wire!


My first one I tried was with silver wire I had left over from previous projects.


It is so simple! Draw a little star on a wooden plank, hammer in a nail at each vertex and wrap away! Then secure in the intersections and fasten off! I did have to pull the nails out to release the star.

I then tried to spray paint it gold.


I liked how it looked, but then I bought some gold wire and liked how that came out, too.


Too cute!!! Make it and love it!


This is where most of them ended up, more on this later! One exciting post coming up!


Christmas Bunting – Christmas pudding, Ice Cream and Gingerbread hearts

What a blast I am having with crochet. I just can’t get enough! And it turns out that the more you do something, the more ideas you have for more of this something!

I’ve played around with crocheting some Bunting,  and I love it! I love the amount of detail it provides, yet repetitive patterns keep it all nice and uniform. What’s not to love!

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, it is on my mind A LOT. And what’s on my mind is usually reflected in my crochet. 🙂 (That explains all the Ice Creams and Doughnuts!)


This is how I start. I have an idea and I make a lot of unfinished parts. There is the benefit of specialisation, but since I don’t know what end result looks like, it could be a win or a fail. In fact, I have a few started projects that never got completely finished,  because the picture in my head did not match the reality… that’s the issue with crochet… It is very slow…

But the more I practice, the more I am able to see how yarn will behave. I love that!

Here is that finished little pudding!


And even cuter as a bundle!


And even cuter on a plate!


You are so cute, I want to eat you!!!


Christmas bunting, so cute! I love Bunting,  and garlands, and Christmas and food! Put it together into Christmas pudding Bunting!

I’ve made some other ones a while ago, too.



And Gingerbread hearts…


And Ice cream…


All of these are for sale at my Etsy shop!

Christmas preps


Last year, my Product Design class, consisting of our beloved graduates have pulled our brains and resources together and created this master piece. Needless to say how proud I am of them! Effort + good project = memorable results! Our class wasn’t that big last year, but we managed to work in several groups, each coming up with, designing and executing a part of the overall installation.


Fireplace was the focal point, around which everything else was added. Girls made it out of a polystyrene boards.

It was decorated with some festive hand-embroidered stocking.


The clay Bunting is also hand – made. You can find it in my earlier posts.


On the mantle we have some pine cones and twinkle lights decorated with felt houses.


Above the fireplace is a beautiful pine cone wreath. My students surprised me again! This particular project I didn’t see until installation date, but loved it once it came!



Next to the wreath is cone bunting.  My students’ own design.  Amazing what they can come up with!

There were a few other bits and bobs that were added by everyone, creating a memorable piece that maybe will inspire others to get crafty this season!


Well done, my darlings! Thank you for your effort, creativity, patience and hours of laughter!

DIY – Christmas Pompom Wreath


I just can’t wait for Christmas! It is so exciting! And even more so with my babies all grown up (that is 2 and 4!) and ready to engage in all the joys that Christmas brings. I am waiting for Christmas. My craft definitely reflects that.

This is my take on the Christmas pompom wreath. Why did I chose these colours? Which wool did I use? The answer is simple: this is what I had. I did have some pink wool, too, but I fought hard against myself not to use it. Good call, I say!


I had to make 14 bigger pompoms, and 18 smaller pompoms (3 of them red).  I have another blog where you can find a tutorial on how to make a pompom. For a couple of them, I mixed two colours together – quite a cool outcome.


Another reason why I did this craft, is because my clothes dryer broke, just as in the picture below. So I ended up with this meter long wire, that was just to good to throw away. So I played with it, twisted it a little in my hands, and suddenly it hit me – Christmas wreath! Then I thought of something that I could stick on it, and pompoms seemed like an obvious choice.

Christmas pompom wreathThe wreath turned out exactly how I imagined it. My daughter immediately put it on her head thinking it was a headband. I guess she imagined differently.


In any case, make it and love it!

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DIY – Air Dry Modeling Clay Christmas Ornaments

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It’s a little too early to put up our Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations, but that does not stop you from thinking about Christmas. My kids and I are itching to do anything Christmas related! Air drying clay has been our favourite choice for many crafts, except this time, with Christmas on our mind, our craft came out Christmasy.


We made so many shapes (using cookie cutters), there was plenty to experiment with.


The more successful of the experiments were these:

1. Little Christmas Ornaments. Before the Christmas Tree comes out, they will have to be happy hanging on a tree branches.


2. Christmas garland. It’s hard to see, but there are letters spelling out Christmas pressed into the shapes.




3. The Dala Horse Ornament. This is the larger cookie cutter, joined with a smaller heart using black wire.



It would not matter so much if it was for play, but since we then decided to make these shapes into ornaments, I have a few suggesting of how to make it a little less DIY looking. One such suggestion is to file it a little using sandpaper. Makes a huge difference!


Another thing we tried was using bead template to press the clay. You get an interesting texture, and if you paint it, you get a very cute polka dot pattern.


Here is the Letterpress Cookie Set. It comes with four cookie cutter shapes, and letters.


Can’t wait for Christmas! Use November to prepare for December!

Make it and love it!

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DIY – 4 Easy Christmas Ornaments


Of course, these trending Pins were going to creep up onto our Christmas trees. This year they have sojourned everywhere – onto leggings, quilts, wall art, kids’ rooms, bracelets, etc. Just so happened, Christmas came, and the “trend” was all over it.


If you were on the moon, and missed the trends, here is the review:
Ornament 1: Bunting.

This particular “Bunting-gone-Christmas-Tree-Ornament” is simply some felt cut into triangle shapes and threaded together. Super easy, super cute!


Cut a strip of felt into triangles and thread through with white thread.

SAM_5834   SAM_5858

Ornament 2: Himmeli

Himmeli is big this Christmas. Must be because of the strong geometrical trend.

There are so many brilliant tutorials out there. Google any one of them and you won’t regret it. However, I haven’t come across even one that would give you this hint: use cotton buds! Other tutorials suggest using straws, cocktail sticks, actual straw, etc, however cotton buds are the cheapest, sturdiest, most durable and white. Don’t buy Johnson’s brand though, as their sticks are compressed paper and not plastic tube that you need.


Cut of the tips and use the tubes. With so many tutorials out there, I am afraid to infringe someone’s copyright, so my advice – google it. Cheeky me!


Ornament 3: Cotton bud garland

What to do with all those cotton bud tips we’ve cut of for the above ornament? Thread them into a cute garland!


Alternate with some beads every now and then, and you are set!




Ornament 4: Pompoms


Twist some yearn around a fork, tie and knot tightly around the center, cut the loops and fluff it up!


You could trim them some more and even machine wash them in the delicates bag to make them more even, but I like a more handmade look to my pompoms.


This is it! Decorate away!


Make it and love it!

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DIY – Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

As Christmas fever is starting to rise, and especially us craftsters, we have to start early, I thought it’s time to start thinking about it too.  As I browsed through my craft files, I have come across some Christmas crafts that I have done some years ago. And then, as it happens, I saw the picture pinned onto Pinterest of the pattern I used for my craft.  Once again, serendipity, so I thought must be too good not to share.

So here are a couple photos of the tiny knitted Mini Christmas Stockings.  I think they were meant to be Christmas Tree decorations, but I had a fox freezing it’s socks off, so my mini stockings became Christmas Fox decorations.


I have only ever made two, and different patterns, not sure why, but you will find many more (FREE!) patterns here.


Make it and love it!

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