DIY – Crochet Bear Rug

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And so, adding one more crochet “trophy”, or rather “taxidermy” to my collection! A Bear Skin Rug – don’t worry, no animals were injured!


I had to make it with eyes closed… Staring is rude! Especially from your skin…SAM_8217

If you are good at counting crochet stitches and creating patterns, this below shot (shot, ha ha) is for you! I didn’s use an existing pattern for this, but just went along with it. If you are looking to recreate it, I think it is possible to figure it out by looking at the pattern. Have fun!SAM_8220

What better place to lay a Bear Rug than in front of your fireplace! Or rather, your dollhouse fireplace.



And one more.

Yep, make it and love it!

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Dollhouse Decor – 2nd layer

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Continuing the interior decor of the dollhouse, in this post you will find out how to furnish 4 rooms using a garden fence (I think it’s a fence, it could be something else…) bought for 4 euro! Here is the revered relic:


Here is my favourite one.  Not an absolute necessity, but makes any dollhouse so much comfier!  A few pieces cut to size create a cute little fireplace.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse fireplaceSome of the planks from the garden fence were cut up and used for making table and chairs. Admittedly I used some square rods for legs, but the top part of the table was made by gluing those very planks.  The only primer I had was white, so consequently it was painted white.

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More furniture created from the garden fence. Main bed and built-in bunk-bed are adorable!

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The kids’ room has a bunk-bed, a swing, and a mood wall.


Ok, this wasn’t made from the wooden garden fence, but who doesn’t have some cardboard lying around? Oh, and you will need a glue gun and some material.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse sofa

Some Popsicle sticks came in handy for these cute dollhouse frames.

Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse frames

I wish I knew how to make kitchen and bathroom furniture to complete the house, however, for now, they might have to be bought.


Here is the completed house ready to be handed over tomorrow to the customer.


So, made it and fell in love with it. I will miss you, my little dollhouse!

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Tutorial – Doll-size Wing Chair

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I love anything miniature, and seeing how my L-shaped corner couch tutorial is one of my most popular posts, I decided to respond to all the miniature lovers out there. Here is my tutorial on how to make wing-back chair . Very easy, barely took two hours.

Step 1: Prepare the pattern. I sketched mine myself, about 12cm high. Cut it out, trace it onto cardboard, and cut out 4 side pieces, 2 for the back and one two for the seat.

Doll chair1

Step 2: Place left side, back and right sides next to each other and cut out a pieces of fabric to wrap around the cardboard with about 1 cm allowance for wrapping. Glue the flaps around the cardboard pieces with glue gun. Make incisions around curves for smoother wrapping.

Doll chair2

Step 3: Do the same for the other panel. One will be used for the outer side of the chair and one for the inside.

Doll chair3

Step 4: Glue the inner panel to the outer panel and the seat in the middle. I’ve also added a strip under the seat.  The seams between the panels were covered with grey yarn.


I love how “Grandmother” it looks, so for me, this seat had to be placed in the kids’ room, next to the rocking horse and baby crib.

Make it and love it!

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DIY – Cardboard Doll House


As a mother of two, one of my biggest fears is for my kids to get bored.  For kids to be bored means mood swings, nagging and whining (yes, my perfect children do that).  It must be prevented at all costs.  Being part of today’s consumerist society, when I think of ways to keep my kids busy, my mind by default tried to think of something to buy. However, when holidaying at my brother-in-law’s house in Scotland in the middle of nowhere (literally), it’s rather difficult to just “pop over” to a toy shop. You can imagine my excitement when I came face-to-face with a bright blue heaven-sent cardboard box!

My creative side told all the other sides to shut up, do not disturb.

My wonderful insanely crafty sister-in-law had the most perfect tool. Its a hook shaped blade knife! How clever! It was perfect for cutting the cardboard!


Blode Knife hook attachment

A few tweaks later and Lexie and I were back to playing with our favourite toy. It’s a perfect holiday toy. It cost us nothing, so putting it back into the recycling bin at the end of our vacation won’t be sad at all.

The Doll House has a living room downstairs, equipped with a sofa and a coffee table. Lexie added a little cardboard cut-out with Peppa Pig stickers on it.  A perfect TV!


A cupcake paper cup re-purposed to serve as a lamp shade.


Lexie is still in the process of decorating the house with stickers.

Cardboard Doll house

Doll House Animal Rug

I had very little time this morning before church, so today’s craft had to be a quick one.

There is that beige couch that was made redundant from the living room yesterday because a new corner couch came in. I couldn’t just throw it away, so it migrated downstairs into the kitchen area. There it became the founding piece for the “Man cave”. Lots more needed to make it masculine enough, but an animal floor rug was a good beginning. I think I will need to re-wallpaper it though…Animal rug Here are step-by-step photo instructions:

Animal rug1

  Step 1: Draw animal rug outline. Mine looked like this.

Step 2: Trace it onto a piece of faux fur.

Step 3: Careful where you trace it; my fur had a darker shade going through the middle.

Step 4:  Know your fur! You’ve got to make the pattern work for you!

Step 5: Here is the cut out animal. Looks a bit like a chipmunk, but I take comfort in the fact that it actually is not.

Step 6: I used my husbands electric razor to shave the edges a bit.

Step 7: Put it on the floor in the “man cave”.

I am thinking it might be looking a little too real. If people start asking, I will have to get rid of it.























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Dolls’ Corner couch

SAM_3072Hooray! Some weekend craft!

My daughter’s Doll House is a gift that just keeps on giving! If I can’t do DIY or home remodeling for our home, next best thing is to create something doll size.

Here is a corner sofa that I would buy for my own house. So simple to make, too. I love this as a replacement for the dull grey one we had before. What was I thinking?


The couch was made to fit this particular corner, which is another reason why handmade is better than mass produced.

I think I agree with my husband when he tells me that my style reminds him of a Russian Dacha (summer house).

Corner couch3 If you like what you see and would like to make something like this yourself, see my step-by-step photo instructions.

Step 1. Preparation. You will need a quick (or a thorough) sketch of what you would like to make. Get required material, which in my case was some cardboard, fabric, cutter and foam lining.Corner couch2

Step 2.  For the backs of the two parts of the couch, I simply wrapped two pieces of cardboard (for sturdiness) with foam lining and then material. Wrap the edges as you would a present and glue gun everything in place.Corner couch1

Step 3. Onto a piece of fabric, measuring a little larger than the seat, layer two pieces of foam lining and then the cardboard piece. Using glue gun, glue each side, creating a little tension so the seats look more rounded than square.Corner couch

That’s all!

Make it and love it!

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DIY Doll House Curtains

One of the great things about having a Dolls House is that you can change it up every now and then to satisfy your need for Interior Design at practically no cost.

With this post, you will be able to take a closer peak at the curtains (and blinds) that I’ve made for Lexie’s Dolls house. Hope some of my ideas will be helpful to you!


These curtains hang in the kids’ room. I used some leftover Ikea curtain material, a barbecue stick for the railing  and two large wooden beads to hide the ends of the stick. Curtains are tied up with some artificial flowers.


Not really curtains, but this double sided piece of material, with some decorative stitching on the sides looks like very sophisticated shades. It looks great in the living room.


These roman blinds (although not functional, but I am sure dolls are not too bothered by that) decorate our pink bathroom. I made all the curtains and blinds in the doll house double-sided so that they look well from the outside, too.


These kitchen curtains took me a little longer to make, but I like how they turned out. Again, just some left over material, some ribbon, and a pinch of imagination.

Hope this helped you with some inspiration!