Christmas Bunting – Christmas pudding, Ice Cream and Gingerbread hearts

What a blast I am having with crochet. I just can’t get enough! And it turns out that the more you do something, the more ideas you have for more of this something!

I’ve played around with crocheting some Bunting,  and I love it! I love the amount of detail it provides, yet repetitive patterns keep it all nice and uniform. What’s not to love!

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, it is on my mind A LOT. And what’s on my mind is usually reflected in my crochet. 🙂 (That explains all the Ice Creams and Doughnuts!)


This is how I start. I have an idea and I make a lot of unfinished parts. There is the benefit of specialisation, but since I don’t know what end result looks like, it could be a win or a fail. In fact, I have a few started projects that never got completely finished,  because the picture in my head did not match the reality… that’s the issue with crochet… It is very slow…

But the more I practice, the more I am able to see how yarn will behave. I love that!

Here is that finished little pudding!


And even cuter as a bundle!


And even cuter on a plate!


You are so cute, I want to eat you!!!


Christmas bunting, so cute! I love Bunting,  and garlands, and Christmas and food! Put it together into Christmas pudding Bunting!

I’ve made some other ones a while ago, too.



And Gingerbread hearts…


And Ice cream…


All of these are for sale at my Etsy shop!


DIY – Crochet Cacti (and a wee announcement… !)

Blog thumbnail - DIY Crochet Cacti Etsy announcement

This past weekend we celebrated the International Women’s day!  8th of March has always been a special occasion – I love that holiday. I love it because I am definitely spoiled, with love and flowers and chocolates, not just from my husband, but also from my dad and brother and even my 10 year old nephew! I also love it because I, too, get to show appreciation for women in my life. I have a few special women, and these women got these unconventional gifts:


Yes, sure, I’ve made these before, but now they come separately!SAM_8324

What’s more, they come packaged! Not super creative, but looks more intentional!SAM_8331

With a little handwritten note, wishing Happy Women’s Day!SAM_8334

Oh, yes, and the big reveal! Since I had some orders and it would be nice to justify making all the craft, I’ve decided to open a shop on  Some of my handcraft is featured there. who knows, right! Visit it following the below link:

SAM_8334 - Copya

Now it’s “Make it and love it”, and hopefully “sell it, too!”

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