Playhouse to Veterinary Clinic make-over

It’s been a long time coming! Some ideas born in the head have a few months gestation period! Finally, this came out!

It all started with our volunteering youth. They were fund raising for a mission trip abroad and were looking for opportunities to serve within the local community – for donations. I was starting to think of freshening up the playhouse. The opportunities presented each other, shook hands, and got on with it. They were happy painting, I was happy they were painting. 

Unfortunately, summer came, and we left for the summer. Once we got back, I was six months (going on fifteen) pregnant by then. I needed the master helper. My mum!

In its entirety, I think mum and I have different tastes (she’s way more eccentric), but on most things, I trust her eye. So one morning, she agreed to help while I was busy at work. I left her the choice of paints, and gave her complete creative freedom. I couldn’t trust anyone else like that. The colour choice is perfect! Not too hospital, not too girlie, not too boyish – just perfect for a Pet Clinic. 

First layer done. Now for the furnishings and accessories. 

We didn’t do much painting on the outside, but the white paws really freshened it up!

Veterinary clinic downstairs and adoption centre upstairs. 

Patient patients.

Opticians department.

Record keeping (aka Big book of boo-boos) is a must.

Anxious pups…

Pets looking for their humans.

Ikea dog bum hangers fit perfectly with our theme.

Now, hours of bureaucracy keep out Vet intern occupied. 

Make it and love it!


An old wooden chest make-over


What a find! The moment we saw each other, we both knew we had a great future together! “He” was a bit of a fixer-upper, but as it usually goes, it worked out at the end. Meet my latest project – the wooden chest.


He wasn’t much to look at. Rectangular, misunderstood (why such a masculine piece was painted white…), chunky. Yet with substance, character and a story to tell. A great piece to work with, a true find. It was painted quite roughly as you can see, the main purpose for the job probably being its preservation. Wooden chest3

As well as being “a bit of a fixer-upper”, the item also proved to be a bit of an introvert. It was very difficult to get to its inside. The metal rim that hemmed the lid doubled as a finger guillotine.  A big “no-no” in my mummy book.


Very sturdy and built to last, I knew there was something beautiful hidden under all those layers. With the help of my sander, it was discovered that under the white gown, there was a military uniform – dark grey. Probably more fitting to this piece, however under disguise hid beautiful weathered distraught wood. Sanding also revealed some other details, like the screws in the sides.

It was love.

My sander could not handle the two layers, so I got a friend (thank you, friend!) to help with a more heavy duty sander.

Wooden chest2

I loved the wood grain we discovered. It had to be preserved as genuinely as possible, so I used clear matte varnish. In the photo it looks still fresh, but once it dried, it looked a little more weathered, a little more worn.

The end result is just perfect. I love what I got to discover.

This piece is special for another, sentimental reason. It was built by a very special person – person no longer alive, but a person leaving a legacy. Ian Ross, thank you, for this and much more.

Wooden chest1

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Before and After – Pink Vanity Table

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This is great! I am doing what I love doing, and others pay me for it. Who would not love that?

This is yet another DIY that I have been commissioned to do! Why not?!

My lovely sister-in-law mentioned that she wanted to do something with her girls (my nieces) bedroom. She mentioned she had some old furniture there already and an old bed and lots of pink carpets and curtains.  We talked about a few ideas, and decided to start with the girly vanity table.


The piece itself was a beautiful quality vanity table. It was covered with stickers, but that came off quite easily with some sanding.


Sanding the table and then a coat of undercoat lifted it up and definitely covered some imperfections and covered well its real age.


Initially, I picked a lighter pink, but after some deliberation, we settled on the hot pink, which I made by mixing some of the colours I’ve already had.


Some hand-made tulle flowers have done a good job braking up the solid colour beautifully.


I did have one problem with painting the mirror. Even though I’ve used duct-tape, some paint has leaked under the frame and looked very messy. I had to improvise a little and using a glue gun, stick a ribbon all along the inner edge of the frame. Ended up looking intentional and beautiful!


Very girly!


Zara Home had a large selection of handles, and these ones stole my aspiring designer heart!


Little touches make a big difference.


Here is my little one playing with her cousin’s vanity table.


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DIY – IKEA kids’ table hack


My first IKEA hack!

One of the easiest Ikea hacks is probably the kid’s table make-over. I have seen a 101 ways to remodel it, and I have one more – my take on it.ikea-table-kids-chairs

I didn’t plan to remodel this piece of furniture, however with my wee baby girl loving arts & crafts time so much, it got covered in artistic media pretty quickly. To add to that, and  as a warning to other parents – adults are not meant to sit on the little chairs!  “Goldilocks and the three bears – 2”, where Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear break the Baby Bears chairs…

IKEA hack

It is definitely one of the easiest projects, no sanding, no priming, the table and chairs are not treated in any way to begin with. It is a white canvas! Create away!

All I did was smother it with purple paint and glue some drawer liners! Too easy!