Wardrobe Upcycle

Seems like my last few blogged DIYs have been about slapping paint on things, and again, I bring you my latest Upcycled Wardrobe, smothered in some fresh paint. Love it when an opportunity presents itself, at the right time. When is the right time? The right time is when I have the right tools available, space, some spare cash, inspiration, and most importantly, baby daddy who is happy to keep Mia Familia busy.  Then stars allign, and I barely have a choice.

With the help of a few dear friends and family members (thank you!), this little beauty made its way into my house.

It was lovingly painted white, looking nice and neat on the outside, however inside was a different story.

There wasn’t much room for any major alterations, it was sweet as it was, just needed some fresh paint, inside and out. 

I chose a shade of green, very light minty colour. Dispite all the beautiful colours available, I find I always diverge towards black and white. And if not black and white, then my next go-to colour is green. So I wasn’t any more adventurous this time either. 

However, this is exactly the shade that it needed. 

The inside, once again, was a different story. I did not choose this colour – it chose me. It was in the discounted section at Homecentre, and the sales person kind of wanted me to buy it, so it came home with me, and found it’s rightful place in this world inside my cupboard. Its a lovely lavender grey.

 As I started working on it, it’s purpose became more and more clear. I considered craft cupboard, wardrobe, etc., but as the coat of paint continued to reveal it’s identity, it was clear it was a linen cupboard.

Choosing handles was also easy. It had to be something not too shiny, not too modern, yet not too classic. I never like starting with “nots”, but found these little handles, and they were just perfect!

All in all, after a week of some sporadic (whenever time allowed) cleaning, sanding, painting, distressing and folding laundry, I get to wake up to this little friend!

Make it and love it!



Blog thumbnail - DIY Dollhouse

Had I been asked to D-I-Wife this project six months ago, I would have laughed a little and refused politely while LOL in my head. A proper paid order, by me? A dollhouse?  No way, no how, nuh uh!

And yet, here it is.  I have been asked to D-I-Wife it, a dollhouse, by me. My mother-in-law (my second paying customer happens to be my kin) was not satisfied with what’s available on the market (and the prices that left you with a gory awe). The request was to make a dollhouse as tall as a child, for two or three of them to play together at the same time. I was also given a budget of 100 euro.

It’s hard to tell why, by some divine vision, I have been browsing making dollhouses on Pinterest, so I had a very good idea of how hard it is to make one, what tools I might need, and the approximate cost. I’ve also grown more confident using my power tools, so, all in all, I said yes.

The end result is pretty amazing, this being my first proper DIY from new materials (not upcycling a desk or drawers) and on a budget (usually it is what it is).


The plan for the dollhouse can be found here, by Anna White. On her blog, she gives an excellent tutorial, with all measurements and plans, in PDF and otherwise, so I won’t do the same. However, I will mention some of the amendments I’ve made and lessons learned.

Finding the material was relatively difficult. I went to about 7 DIY shops before I found plywood. Some shops were out of stock, some only worked with orders, some were too specialised in something else… I eventually went straight to a warehouse that I drove past a few times, hoping it would have what I am looking for. They had better! There was this glorious 9mm plywood board that was used for transportation crates. It was a little worn, but good overall condition, and at 20 euro a piece for 240mm by 120mm!  Very compliant staff offered to cut it for me as needed. Though it cost me another 10 euro, it was well worth the hassle. Here is the above mentioned plywood, and some planks for the roof.


Next step was to cut the roof, windows and doors. Begin by penciling it all on the board, then drill a whole withing the necessary shape, and by inserting jigsaws into the whole, cut it out. I kind of enjoyed this process. It was a first for me. *Grin*

Doll house1

Then I put the pieces together with – yeah – masking tape, so see that it all comes together, and trim to fit.


Once everything was as planned, applying wood glue and stapler gun (that shoots tiny nails), the sides were attached.

Next on the list was the roof. This was a tricky part. The planks I bought were too thick. When I was buying them, I was told their thickness, which sounded fine, but I should have checked it to make sure. The roof was too heavy, the wood curled, the nails could not hold it in place.

Doll house3

It was a disaster, it had to be replaced with a thinner, more submissive wood.  I used 2.5 mm screws to attach the roof and then some more throughout the house for sturdiness.


Some wood filler followed by sanding, and the house was ready for painting.


I really liked Ana White’s paint choices, and since I had the same, I decided not to deviate. The floors were carefully varnished, and the walls were covered with white primer. I used a lot of masking tape throughout.

Doll house4

The outside was painted soft green.


I love the little gaps in the roof – gives it some feel of authenticity.


White walls and dark hardwood floors, very Nordic.


Three floors!


Little window seals, very cute.


Upstairs, I plan kids room and a tiny bathroom.


On the first floor, two bedrooms and on the ground floor, a kitchen and a hall?

SAM_7064 Make it and love it!



Dip Painting with Chalk Board Paint

dip painted console1

The weather in Cyprus has been exceptionally warm, working outside on some pending projects seems like a holiday. I finally got around repainting this old bedside table/console.

Completely forgetting to take the “BEFORE” pictures, I am glad my supportive husband has taken some photos and put them together in a collage…


Painting furniture is  not a novice, however doing it perfectly is a rarity. I have painted Lexie’s toddler kitchen and some mirrors and frames, but I have been known to skip steps. This time I went all out – the sanding, the primer, three layers with a new roller each time.

Starting this project, I bought masking tape, rollers, primers, sand paper, etc. I had some green chalk board paint, which I have used in the past and it prooved to be very durable and covered well. So, the long process began. I sanded, painted with primer, and started with the paint. However, once I’ve painted the bedside table (I call it that, but I am not sure if that’s appropriate, as it is slightly larger than a bedside table. When I bought it, it was sold to me as a console desk.. by the way, I bought it for 10 euro).


Once it was ready, it was all green.  It was the only paint I had then, so the console was painted all green. It looked too green.

That’s when the idea came. Why not add some acrylic paint into white primer and turn it into dip painting project?

dip painted console2

Dip painting was a new concept, so I did my best. My first attempt, I’ve put masking tape where needed, however I didn’t press masking tape to adhere it. Some paint leaked under the tape, as demonstrated by the pictures above. Second attempt was much more successful. As always, learning from my mistakes.


Dip painting, a first for me!SAM_5462Plus chalk painted – not a first for me. I am sure this will come in handy. By the way, this is the very green chalk paint that they use in schools. I love it for that all the more!

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Tutorial – how to paint a pet from a photograph


It is terrible how easily “side-track”-able I am! I finally decided to organise my photographs, perhaps even create a photo album, which lead me to browsing through my many folders. Big mistake! I stambled upon many past projects, and now feel the need to blog it. The hope is usually to inspire someone else, and if not, then to catalogue my past endeavours.

Here is a dog, namely pug that I painted couple years ago using a wonderful tutorial on youtube.

All you need is a canvas, paints and paint brushes. You would have an advantage if you had tracing paper, but you can work around it, too. You also need a nice picture of your pet. I didn’t have a pet, so google had to share it’s pet pictures with me. Here is one I found – the Pug.


Just follow the tutorial and your inner artist, and you get a wonderful painting of your (or someone else’s) pet!

DIY – Painted picture frame

A while ago I drove past a curtain shop closing down sale, and in the window display they had these frames being sold off for as little as 2 euro! They weren’t antique, or possessed some other hidden value; they weren’t even solid wood (I think its mixture of plaster and wood).

Big photo frame2

For me though, as a D-I-Wife, anything that can be painted (and at a reduced cost), is a welcome find. I love how a coat of paint can change the object’s character to fit your home perfectly.

Big photo frame1

The old frame was too tacky and too outdated, but full of potential.

Big photo frame

Two coats of “greeny” paint (I always have white paint for wood, and change tints simply by adding some acrylic paint. Trick is to mix enough for both layers.)


I did have to take the frame to a specialist and purchase glass and mounting board, which cost me 12 euro, but even when all the costs were added, I think some 15 euro is an excellent price for a picture this size and hours of enjoyment. 🙂

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Keepsake Shelves

 There are times when I really want to do something, but I haven’t got sufficient time to plan and execute a new craft project.  That’s when giving some old object a fresh coat of paint is ideal. It is not a 5 minute project, its a 5 min … +5 min… +5 min project, which is perfect because you still have the whole day to do other things (chores usually) while the paint dries.


This time it was a little keepsake house shelf that I bought at a closing down sale for some 3-4 euro or so.   Even original price of this keepsake shelf could not have been that great as it is some sort of cheap laminate with a plastic clock painted silver. All too tacky… Anything tacky needs a touch of tinkering….


As it was laminate, I decided to give it a wood primer undercoat to make sure paint sticks.


Then I painted it with Black Chalkboard paint inside and another two coats of Wood Primer on the outside.

A lot less tacky now and perfect for my little knickknacks!


DIY – IKEA kids’ table hack


My first IKEA hack!

One of the easiest Ikea hacks is probably the kid’s table make-over. I have seen a 101 ways to remodel it, and I have one more – my take on it.ikea-table-kids-chairs

I didn’t plan to remodel this piece of furniture, however with my wee baby girl loving arts & crafts time so much, it got covered in artistic media pretty quickly. To add to that, and  as a warning to other parents – adults are not meant to sit on the little chairs!  “Goldilocks and the three bears – 2”, where Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear break the Baby Bears chairs…

IKEA hack

It is definitely one of the easiest projects, no sanding, no priming, the table and chairs are not treated in any way to begin with. It is a white canvas! Create away!

All I did was smother it with purple paint and glue some drawer liners! Too easy!