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Although craft has always been part of my life, it has always involved doing something creative for something or someone else. In school it was either part of a curriculum or extra-curricular activity.  I remember doing logo for our puppet theatre in school, or being the editor of our college newsletter, or decorating friends’ parties – it was never really just for me. It was always more reactive that proactive. Something needed to be done, let’s get Olga to do it. And while I love getting involved in things like this, it was always directed by someone other than me.

Then one day, I went to a shop, bought myself some yarn and crochet hooks, and learned how to crochet. This was purely for me. No other reason than just me, acquiring a new skill. Whatever I would do with that skill was irrelevant. Crochet was a medium for expressing creativity and I wanted to create, so I taught myself how to crochet.

Today, I am super glad it is something I know how to do, because Cyprus weather has been rather nasty, and crochet proved to be an excellent antidote to bad weather! It is easy, quick and you can pause at any moment (whether that’s pausing your life, or pausing crochet, I don’t know)!

Beginner crochet level + rainy weather = this pretty crochet collar for my daughter!


It only took me one evening while watching “Come, Dine with me” with my hubby. There is a wonderful tutorial here, do check it out, it is one of the best! I am definitely keeping it bookmarked! The author of the tutorial takes you stitch by stitch through the making of the collar, the petals and these adorable little flowers.


The front:SAM_8053

The back:


How dreamy is that?


To my usual “Make it and love it!” I have to add – I made it, but it is my little girl that absolutely loved it!

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