DIY – Wooden Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree alternative is so cute, of course I had to try it! You will find it all over Pinterest. My favourite ones are the ones from pallets, but as I didn’t have pallets, new planks had to do.


There are so many ways to go about making one of these, but as always I make it the way it makes sense to me.
My way was to use my kitches floor tiles as my grid. It was easy to mark out some hypotenuses and use those for the Christmas tree shape.


All the pieces of wood were cut different lengths, according to my marked template. I used another piece of wood inserted between the planks to make even spaced gaps. Never need a ruler when you don’t need a universal standard measurement. It’s all relative.  Mine are Olgametres (“obtaining an object in close proximity that can be used as a measure without universally accepted graduations to identify a certain length used for that single purpose only and disregarded henceforth”). What are yours?


When the tree was cut, some pieces got moved by mistake slightly further apart, but I realised that I liked it like that more. It looked taller and slimmer like that.


Once assembled, sanded and painted, it went up on the wall, just above our churches’ coffee counter.


Here is the decoration odessey. I say odessey, as this took a while, but only because I got to decorate it with some students, and all the ornaments were handcrafted!  More on that later!


And, as always, ~ Make it and love it!


DIY – Giant Growth Chart

Blog thumbnail - DIY Giant Growth Chart

Rental, sweet rental!  Since our wedding in 2007, my husband and I have moved in and out of 5 rented accommodations. Moving in, each time, we would think this is for a long time, but as it happens, 5 houses in 7 years.

Decorating rented accommodation is rather daunting. Whenever we painted walls, we would have to repaint. If we made a shed or a fence, we would have to leave it behind. I think now I am learning, that whatever you make, however you decorate, it has to be mobile or removable.  That’s why this is such a great post for all the folk out there renting! Kid’s heights have to be measured, and you can’t really take a door post with you every time you move.


It was very easy to make. Boards this size are sold at any DIY store. This one cost me 7 euro.


The board was stained. I sort of carved in some measurements and stenciled numbers with tippex. Tippex covered better than white paint, dried very quickly and had a very nice uneven texture to it.


We use metric system in Cyprus, so naturally I used metres. Start with 50cm and go up to 1.6m. Parhaps my children will grow taller than that… I will have to make an extension. Look out for that post in a few years.


An easy and quick craft that has been and will be part of our family’s history.

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DIY – Playhouse

Our playhouse is finished!

This is perhaps the most amazing gift my kids will ever receive! I am pretty sure this will free my dad from all Birthday and Christmas presents for both of my kids for years!

In the beginning of this summer, when I mentioned to my dad my plans of making something like this for my children, I had a vision of a little box, probably made out of recycled pallets… My dad jumped at the opportunity, and – he has only himself to blame – turned it into a month long project that has utilized pretty much each one of his skills – welding, carpentry, painting, carving, and many more. The result is an amazing playhouse, loved by my children and absolutely adored by me!

Definitely more posts later on the making of!

Play house4

The Playhouse came at the perfect time – right after Lexie’s birthday and just before Charlie’s. Another perfect aspect of the timing is the fact that everything that’s inside was already acquired and prophetically waiting for its rightful place in the Playhouse. Perfect fit for everything… I thought it lucky, but knowing my dad, he has measured everything precisely! Again, more on that later!
Play houseHall – place to take off your tight shoes and slip on a comfy baker’s apron!Play house1

Dining area – a place where hungry little boys wait for their dinner.

Play house2

Bedroom – Lexie was very quick to “shotgun” the window side as her own, letting Charlie settle for the “isle” side.

Play house3

Sliding doors, a wonderful idea by my dad. Saves space!

I am sure I will have years of DIY posts that will center around this beloved Playhouse. I have already purchased curtain material….

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DIY Dream Doll House


Love the Doll house my mum and dad made for my daughter for her 2nd B-day!

Another dream fulfilled, with the help of my wonderful dad who can do absolutely anything, and my mum, who loves my visions, understands me at half a sentence, and executes my requests better that what I could have ever imagined.

A doll house is not only every little girls’ dream. It’s every little girls’ mother’s dream, too! I thought about getting Lexie a doll house probably before she was even conceived. First time Lexie picked up a toy was my signal to get to it! Plans for this doll house were born in my head, discussed with my dad and it suddenly all came together.


Lexie was super-excited even with two walls. 🙂 Could have stopped there!

We used only left over boards from old furniture or other projects to keep the costs low.


We used wrapping paper as wallpaper


Front of the house


С Днем Рождения Лекси – Happy Birthday Lexie in Russian

The house can be rotated to reveal a beautiful town house front painted purple and decorated with colourful bunting. The roof was painted with black chalk board paint to add yet another fun element. The walls inside were covered with wallpaper (some of which is just fancy wrapping paper).  The greatest find I would say was the non-slip material to use as carpets on the floors. It keeps all the furniture in place and looks great too!

As the Doll House was Lexie’s birthday present, all her other gifts were coordinated around the house. She got most of the doll house furniture from ELC (Early Learning Centre) the same week.  A few bits and pieces were added the following Christmas. There is one lady in Cyprus that sells doll house furniture, and although its very detailed and fragile, I managed to find two pieces that would go perfectly into our doll house – a light blue high chair and a white fire place. Perfect!


New addition

When I was packing away Christmas lights, I got this brilliant idea to wrap them around Lexie’s doll house. These lights are quite unusual in a sense that its not a string of lights. They are meant to be hung in the window, cascading down. Which is perfect for the house, as the strings of lights went through all the windows on all the floors.


Using IKEA Christmas lights to light up the Doll House


Baby room, completed with a bunk bed, a doll house doll house (what?!), some tiny wooden toys, a pony and a kitchen set that came with a Lallaloopsy.


Master bedroom on the 2nd floor.
The super posh wallpaper is actually wrapping paper. The baby cot is in the bedroom too, which I love! I nipped a small make up mirror from my mum and now you can see it glue-gunned on the right.


Poly pocket is about to have a bath in the bathroom on the 1st floor.


Ground floor holds a huge kitchen which occupies the whole of this space. Christmas tree is seasonal. Lallaloopsy fits well in this Doll House.


Living room on the 1st floor. A fridge magnet of New York is playing the role of a TV; as soon as I find a miniature TV, it will be replaced. I have made the pink chair and the beige couch you see in the picture. Tutorial will follow.

This truly was one of the best presents! Lexie and I love our Doll House! The best part? The fun isn’t over yet! Over the next few years, we can repaint, redo wallpaper, make new curtains, carpets, etc. My hope is that as Lexie grows, her love for craft will grow too, and this will be her medium for expression.

Thank you, Dedushka! Thank you, Babushka!


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